GrubHub Now Working With Taco Bell

Taco Bell fans, beware. It’s looking as though the fast-food chain will be available right at your doorstep. There was an announcement today from the fast food chain that GrubHub will be delivery tacos to homes across the nation. For a limited anyone who orders over $12 worth of food will receive free delivery from the company.

The president of Taco Bell North America came out with a statement today. Julie Felss Masino, El Presidente, said that they are excited to be able to expand GrubHub delivery services with there Taco Bell customers. She says that the new service will satisfy the cravings over all of their customers who like to stay home.

There are two ways to order food. You can either order through their website or on GrubHub’s app.
According to the CEO of Taco Bell’s parent company Yum Brands, Greg Creed, he believes that consumer is going to love the new delivery option.

GrubHub and Taco Bell Working To Send Food To People At Their Home

He goes on to say in a statement made in December that he has no doubt the GrubHub is up for the challenge. Also, the company will see some extra zeros in their check.

The new delivery rollout comes after the Yum Brands acquisition of $200 million in GrubHub stock in 2018. Gibbs says that the company is in a position that is unique. He says that his company knows more about delivery service than any other company in the world.

According to Gibbs, a lot of people joining GrubHub, but not too many are making money from the company. He says that when it comes to the functional aspects of the job, people tend to struggle. The struggle comes to getting the food to customers in a timely manner. For two decades, the company has been watching and learning lessons, and are finally ready to share the food worldwide.