Istanbul Residents May Be Trapped Under Building

People in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, are mourning the loss of citizens of the town today. There are at least two people dead after a seven-story building in the country collapsed today. The building was in an eastern suburb of Istanbul.

There is footage making its rounds on the internet showing the flattened residential building. The exact location of the building is in Maltepe district. Also, viewers can see rescue workers on the scene searcher through what is left od the building. They were searching for anyone possibly trapped beneath the rubble.

Istanbul Remain Quiet As Rescuers Search For Residents In Collapsed Building

So far, rescuers were able to save six people from the rubble. According to the Istanbul governor’s office, they are all receiving treatment in hospitals for their injuries. As of now, none of the damages for the people are life-threatening. Reports from Turkish state news agency Anadolu there were a lot of people out helping look for people. There was a team of 86 rescue workers and 26 fire trucks at the scene. They are all doing what they can to make sure everyone in the area remains safe.

According to Zeki Dag, a local administrator of the neighborhood, people are still under the rubble. He believes that at least fifteen residents remain trapped. So far, there has not been any word on whether or not any animals are under the rubble. The governor’s office is asking for everyone in the area to remain as quiet as possible so that workers can hear sounds of anyone under the building. They are asking for as much silence as possible at this time.

Workers were able to put up lighters around the building’s remains. The search for the other residents will continue well into the night and possibly into Thursday.