Super Bowl LIII Had Low Ratings

People are saying that Super Bowl LIII was a miss. According to officials, on Sunday, the long waited for the game hit 10-year ratings low.

The New England Patriots and the Los Angles Rams were going toe to toe the entire game. However, the Patriots were to winners, beating the Rams 13-3. Super Bowl LIII was the sixth SuperBowl victory for the Patriots. When it comes to household rating, the game was only to score a 44.9 household rating. Every year the number of homes watching the Super Bowl as gone down 5%.

According to reports last year from Nielsen, 103,4 million were watching the game. The number of viewers for yesterday’s game will be announced later on Monday.

Super Bowl LIII Wasn’t A Winner When It Came To Ratings

It isn’t only the Super Bowl that has seen a decline in ratings. Most events on t.v. have scores that have gone downhill.

The Emmy’s lost 11% of their viewers from 2017. The 2018 Oscar’s only had 26.5 million viewers. Last year’s NBA Final’s ratings were below their 2017 numbers. Also, “Rent” which aired last month on Fox had the lowest scores for a live television musical ever.

Even with all of the low ratings, the Super Bowl still has the most viewers. Anything else on TV never compares to Super Bowl views.

The 2017 Super Bowl had the highest primetime raters in history. The adult rating for the game was 33.6. With a rating of 13.5, the championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings came in second. The “This Is Us” episode that aired after last year’s Super Bowl came had a rating of 11.6, coming in third.

When it comes to advertising, the Super Bowl continues to be the main event. At least 54 advertisers paid 5.2 million for a mere 30 seconds of air time.