Heckling Leads To Fan Being Banned From Arena

Due to a fan heckling and him returning shots, literally, Patrick Beverley of the LA Clippers won’t have to worry about seeing him. According to sources close to ESPN, Don Knobler, the fan in question, can no longer attend games at the American Airlines Center. He usually wears colorful clothing and for a while has been sitting courtside at Mavericks home games. However, due to the incident, for the rest of the season, he is banned after the organization was able to confirm the interaction between him and Beverly.

Some sources say that fans were complaining about Knoblers inappropriate heckling as well.

On Dec 2., Beverly was ejected from the Clippers/Dallas game while there was 9:10 minutes remaining. He threw a bounce pass at Knobler. Knobler was sitting at the baseline close to the LA bench. Beverly says that Knobler was speaking ill of his mother in a vulgar way.

Man’s Heckling Lands Him On The Ban List At The American Airlines Center

However, Knobler says that he only said “Your mother” to Beverley early on in the game. He denies using any swear words. After the game, Beverley was telling reporters that he said something to the refs and security. In his whole NBA career, he has never been ejected from a game. However, he says that as a grown man, he has morals, Knobler was saying things against his morals.

He says that he was able to accept the obscenities when they are about him, but not when they speak on his mother. He says he did everything he could before reacting, but no one was doing anything.

Knobler has not been to a Mavs game since. Reporters have been reaching out to him with no response.

On Dec. 4, the NBA made the announcement that Beverly will have to pay $25,000 in fines for throwing the ball at Knobler.