Royal Caribbean Bans Man For Life

There is a ban on a man from returning to andy Royal Caribbean cruise ship after jumping from the ship’s deck. The video of the incident is floating all around social media.

The man in question, Nick Naydev, from Vancouver, Washington posted the video on Friday. In the footage, you can see him standing on the balcony of the Symphony of the Seas. He then proceeds to jump into the water. At the time, the boat was docked in the Bahamas. At the time of this article, his video has over 80,000 viewed and over 1,000 comments. Konstantin Krychun, Nick’s friend, is on the video as well. You can see Naydev splashing and wading int the water.

According to Krychun, his friend jumps from tall heights. Also, Nick wasn’t’ worried about receiving any consequences from Royal Caribbean. The group was wanting to make a video that would be viral.

Royal Caribbean Bans Man From Ever Returning To Their Cruise Line

In the comment section, Naydev reports that the jump was from the 11th story deck. He says that the night before he drunk. However, after waking up, he came to the conclusion that he wanted to jump off the ship. Though his feet are fine, Naydev says that it’s his neck and tailbone that hurt the most.

According to other reports, he and his friends can no long go on any Royal Caribbean cruise ship for the rest of their lives. He had to catch a flight back to Miami. Due to his tailbone bruising, he wasn’t able to walk for three days/

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean, Owen Torres, says that the incident was extremely dangerous. However, on January 11, a 16-year-old South Pacific boy who fell to his death while trying to climb to another balcony. He was on the Royal Caribbean ship the Harmony of the Seas.