Rescuers Searching For Boy In Well

Rescuers are now on day three in Spain as the search for a toddler who fell down a well continues. The boy in question, 2-year-old Julen, fell down a 360-foot-deep well this past Sunday. The well is about 10 inches wide. So far, the robotic camera that they are using to find him as only be able to get down 229 feet.

Emergency workers are currently in the process of attempting different tactics on how to reach young Julen. They are in the process of widening the passage so that the camera can go further down the well to reach the young boy. Over 100 rescue workers, which include firefighters, police, and underwater teams, are working to free the boy. Even a specialist mine rescue team is on their way to help.

Rescuers Are Working To Remove Young Boy From Well

Parents of the child, Vicky, and Jose Garcia remain on the site. Trauma experts and psychologists are tending to the couple. Back in 2017, the couple lost their 3-year-old son to a heart attack. They believe the attack came about due to a congenital heart condition.

The camera was able to spot candies and a cup the boy hand in his hand when he fell. Newspapers are saying that he is under a blockage that came to be after a small landslide when the toddler fell down the well. Rescuers are in the process of using special equipment to suck away dirt. If it works, the camera can reach deeper into the well. However, they must use care so that another landslide does not occur. Experts came overnight to help install tubing so that another that dirt doesn’t continue to build up. According to news reports, there was not a cover over the well. Also, it is unclear whether or not there were markings to notify people that it was a well.