Cowboys No Longer Super Bowl Contenders

It seems as though the Cowboys are always getting close to the Super Bowl, but can’t get over the hump of winning all playoff games. Though there has been an outpour of support for Jason Garrett, Terrell Owens thinks it’s time for him to go!

The former wide receiver was making a call for Garret to give up his position after Saturday 30-22 loss to the Rams. The Cowboys haven’t been a part of s Super Bowl game since 1996.

Owens has always been outspoken when it comes to his feelings regarding Garrett. In Tweet after the game, he says, “Hey @realjerryjones!”Bout time for a coaching change don’tcha think?! 2 playoff wins in 10 years!! Garrett isn’t the answer & NEVER will be! Way to compete guys!! #realtalk.”

Former Cowboys Wide Receiver Terrell Owens Thinks Coach Jason Garrett Needs To Be Let Go

Owens has been wanting Garrett off the team as a coach for some time now. He’s even gone on radio stations asking why the 52-year-old continues to have a job as coach. However, some Dallas players are feeling the same.

In another tweet, he speaks on how players on the team are wishing that someone would fire Garett. During his play time in 2007 and ’08, Garrett was Owens offensive coordinator. He says that some of his bias may come from Garrett’s professional evaluation of Owens.

Owens had Garrett as his offensive coordinator in 2007 and ’08 and conceded his personal feelings for Garrett may be playing a part in his professional evaluation.

One follower was saying that Owens was bitter to which his replies was maybe a little. He goes on to call Garrett a sapsucker, and that after getting rid of him he made Jerry think he was the reason for their loses. Owens then asks what has Garrett been able to accomplish since his leave of absence.

However, the stars are not in Owen’s favor. On Saturday, reports from the NFL Network were saying that jerry jones will go for a long-term extension for Garrett. Garrett’s current deal will expire after next season.
It does not appear Owens’ wish will be granted. NFL Network reported Saturday that Jones will try for a long-term extension for Garrett since his current contract expires after next season.