Vegetarian Options Coming To Taco Bell

Those not eating meat have no excuse not to eat a Taco Bell anymore. The Tex-Mex inspired restaurant will be adding vegetarian items on the menu. The items will be available all across the country coming this 2019 year.

Reps from the Yum! Brand said on Jan. 9 during a news conference that they will be offering the delectable vegetarian options on Twitter.In the tweet, they say that later on this year, they will be testing a menu that is dedicated to vegetarians in their stores. There will also be vegetarian equivalent items. They will be the only American Vegetarian Association-certified QSR. Taco Bell says that they will have over 8 million veg combinations available. Also, that they are gratifying and many will enjoy the meatless options.

On Twitter, they go on to say that they are always looking for ways to give their loyal customer more option when it comes to eating at their establishments. With more and more Americans being vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian, they are happy that they will be able to accommodate all.

Taco Bell Adding Vegetarian Options To Their Menu This Year

The company is excited to offer their first ever vegetarian menu. There will also be vegan options as a means of giving their customers more choices without compromising the company’s values.

As of now, it remains unclear when the veggie and vegan option will be available or where they will have them. However, the news that they will have the meatless option is making many on social media happy and hungry.

On Twitter user was saying, “Great news! have not been to a @tacobell in years, will definitely be a customer now!”

Others were saying that they look forward to veggie quesadilla crunch wraps.

One person was saying that they can’t wait to eat something other than a bean burrito.