Brain Cancer Thought to Be Common Cold

Laura Nuttall, 19, college freshman believed her headaches came from a common cold from moving into her dorm last fall. Instead, it turns out doctors diagnosed her with terminal brain cancer. Nuttall has since undergone brain surgery as well as radiotherapy for the tumors found on her brain. Her family, ever worried about her, isn’ sure how much time she has left on this earth.

Nicola Nuttall, Laura’s mother, says their lives changed forever when the diagnosis told of two brain tumors in Laura’s head. On their GoFundMe page, Nicola wrote that her daughter had another MRI scan earlier that morning. The scan showed she had at least six brain tumors.

Abnormalities Found During Medical Test, Leads to Discovery of Brain Cancer

According to the GoFundMe page, Nuttall started feeling ill coincidentally after she had undergone an eye and medical test for the University Navy Corps. The doctor performing the tests detected abnormalities behind her eyes. Once referred to a neurologist, Nuttall landed in Homerton Hospital located in London. Meanwhile, her conditions grew worse.

The fundraising page says that the official diagnosis of Nuttall was glioblastoma multiforme. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, this is an invasive, fast-growing disease. The treatment of the illness typically depends on the location as well as the severity of the tumor. It can include surgical removal and radiation along with chemotherapy. However, the prognosis for patients is still not well.

The family is still horrified and devastated upon receiving word that the prognosis was so poor with Nuttall’s disease. Doctors told them the most commonly seen length of survival after the diagnosis ranges between twelve and fifteen months. Fewer than three to five percent of people survive longer than five years tops. With no treatment, survival tends to be only three months. The family is raising money any way they can for experimental treatment as they work to cope with Nuttall’s diagnosis.

On their GoFundMe page, the family laments about how sudden this death sentence for their beloved member is. With such a long, prosperous life ahead of her, the page mirrors the family’s disbelief and grief on the situation with which they are now faced.