John Travolta Shows Off New Bald Head

Everybody knows John Travolta. Many remember him from his role as Danny in the movie Grease with his luxurious locks. Also, who could forget him dancing the night away in Saturday Night Fever? When many think of him, they think of him having his long locks. However, Travolta is rocking a different look this time around, a freshly, bald head.

Throughout the years, he has had many looks. The Pulp Fiction legend showed on his Instagram account that bald really is beautiful. In the pic, he’s looking mighty dapper in his bow tie while holding a martini.

In the caption of the pic, it says he hopes everyone had a great New Year. Yeah, that’s a pretty nonchalant way to show off the fact that you have a bald head. For some time now, Travolta has been the bud of many jokes for wearing hair pieces every so often. I mean, let’s be honest, he apparently was wearing a hairpiece while in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. However, people are really liking his new look!

John Travolta Is Rocking His New Bald Look And People Are Eating It Up!

One person in his Instagram comments was saying that he looks hot and better than ever. Another was saying that the love his look and hope’s he has a fabulous 2019.

His post has over 140,000 like which is more than his accounts usually tally’s in. On Twitter, he is receiving even more praise for allowing his bald head to shine, literally. One person was posting about how handsome his new look makes him. Fortunately, they are not wrong. John Travolta is an attractive man. What makes his shaved head works, even more, is that it looks so natural and gives people a chance just to see him. Bravo Travolta, bravo.