Enes Kanter Not Traveling With Knicks

Enes Kanter, plays for the New York Knicks. On Friday, he said he would not travel with his team to London Jan. 17. The reason for Enes not attending the game is serious. He is worried he will be assassinated for his views against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Kanter is a native of Turkey. The Knicks, however, said that he can not make the trip due to visa issues. While speaking with reports, Kanter was saying that he would be in New York practicing while his teammates were out of the country. He believes that there is a chance they someone may want to kill him he leaves New York.

Enes Kanter Staying Behind While Team Leaves For London

Enes was saying that he finds it sad that other opinions affect his playing time with his team. He believes that the Turkish President is a dictator and for that people want to harm Enes.

After being asked if he thinks he would really be killed for the going to the UK his answer was yes. He believes that there are a lot of spies in the UK that would kill as soon as he entered the country.

For years now, Kanter has been vocal about his feelings towards the Turkish president. At one point, he referred to Erdogan as the Hitler of our century. In 2017, the country of Turkey chose to revoke his Turkish passport. Also, there was an international warrant for his arrest.

Enes Kanter’s father, Mehmet, was charged last year with being a part of a terror group. After a failed military coup, he was fired from being a professor, even after disavowing his son’s beliefs.

While speaking with Fox News back in July, Kanter was speaking on how he receives around three to four death threats a week.