Rabies Kills Woman From Virgina

Her first symptoms were pain in her right arm. A 65-year old woman from Virginia went to urgent care, and they were able to give her painkillers. There were no signs that she, in fact, had rabies after being in contact with a puppy in India.

Before the incident, the woman had been on a yoga retreat for seven weeks. According to reports in India, tour members did see the women being bitten by a puppy. She washed the wound with water, but there was no further action

Thanks to vaccines, it is rare for a dog to have rabies in the U.S. due to strict laws. However, the virus is very common in countries such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa. On a global scale, the disease kills 59,000 people a year.

Rabies Was The Cause of Death For One Woman In Virginia

Once symptoms set in, the rabies virus is almost 100 percent fatal. Symptoms of the disease don’t show immediately. The yoga aficionado went back home and continued on with her normal life. Her symptoms were faint at first. She did seek out care, but in the meantime was potentially exposing many to the virus.

Doctors say that on May 7, 2017, she came to a hospital complaining of shortness of breath. Other symptoms were insomnia, anxiety, and it was difficult for her to swallow water. On the night of May 8, she began to show signs of aggression and was gasping for air while trying to take a drink of water. THose working at the hospital began asking her family member about any animal exposure to the woman. That’s when the patient’s husband explained the bite on the right hand from a puppy in India.

When it comes to rabies, once the symptoms begin, there is usually no hope for survival. There are only two cases in the U.S. of people surviving the illness.