Earthquake In The Philippines

In the Philippines, there was a 7.0-magnitude undersea earthquake. However, the shivers scared everyone in the area. There is currently an initial tsunami alert.

The place that the earthquake hit occurred around 11:39 in the morning. According to the I.S. Geological Survey, the quake was about 53 miles southeast of Pondaguitan in the Philippines.

At the Philippine Insitute of Volcanology and Seismology, the regional monitoring officer Allan Rommel Labayog had things to say on the even. He says that the quake mainly affected provinces in Davao. However, people were able to feel them 315 miles away in Sulu.

At 5:13 that night, the aftershocks from a 5.3-magnitude earthquake came according to local reports. The first tremors had everyone running from their homes. However, no buildings were collapsing, and there was no significant damage or injuries to anyone. The original Tsunami warning was canceled only two hours after the earthquake.

Earthquake In The Philippines Leaves Everyone In The Are Afraid For What’s To Happen Next

According to officials in the area, the intensity of the five levels was felt in Gov. Generoso in Davao Oriental, Glan Sarangani, and Koronadal City. The level where felt in cities such as Kidapawan, General Santos, Tupi town in South Cotabato, Kiamba in Sarangani, Mati City, Manay town, Davao Oriental and Davao City.

Both the earthquakes and the tsunami scare were only of the latest concerns for folks in the region. On Dec. 22 there was another tsunami that came and was the result of death for over 430 natives. The reason for the tsunami was the eruption of the Anak Krakatau Volcano in Indonesia’s Suna Strait.

Indonesia and the Philippines are both parts of a collection of over 17,000 islands that it on productive land that scientists call the ring of fire. For that reason, they are always on the edge of a volcano erupting at some point.