Bad Cough Sending People To The ER

Emergency medicine specialists are warning of a bad cough that isn’t going away with over-the-counter medicine.
Though the flu is in the air, there is another nasty virus making its rounds.

There have been reports for weeks now of people having illnesses, including gastrointestinal viruses. However, there is a severe respiratory infection going around that people can’t seem to shake off.

Doctors know it’s not the flu because the flu comes on out of nowhere and fast. With the respiratory infection that’s going around, you will either need time in bed or have to go to the emergency room.

According to Dr. Kenneth Patton of Bethesda North Hospital, they have seen a surge in patients with symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. They all have a bad cough and feel as though they are short of breath.

Bad Cough That Won’t Go Away

Dr. Patton says that by the time they make it the hospital, he easily notices the shortness of breath in his patients. He can see their ribs doing a lot of the work. Also, in their neck muscles, you can see that they are having a hard time breathing. Dr. Patton says that for someone healthy, it may be a common cold, but for the elderly, it may be something as serious as pneumonia.

Most people are complaining of a bad cough and how the virus won’t leave. According to Dr. Patton, once the virus pasts the seven-day mark, it has more of a chance of turning bacterial.

Fortunately, bacterial infections can be treated with medication and IV fluids at the EW. However, there is no treatment for upper respiratory infections.

If you have any symptoms lasting longer than a week, be sure to seek medical attention.

As a means to keep the virus away, be sure to wash your hands. Also, stay as far away from sick people as possible.