LSU Players Shoot Thief In Baton Rouge

This weekend was a tough one from some LSU players, and it wasn’t because of game. Actually, it was for something much more sinister and could have left two players in prison. Two LSU players were in police custody this weekend after an incident that left one many dead from gunshot wounds. According to the players, they were only defending themselves from a thief.
Clyde Edwards-Helair, who play as the Tigers’ second-leading rusher, and Jared Small, a walk-on linebacker, were only trying to sell an electronic item. They were in Scotlandville, a neighborhood of Baton Rouge. Well, that Saturday, Kobe Johnson, an 18-year-old man in the area made an attempt to rob the two players.

According to Baton Rouge PD, one of the players had a handgun on him. He took out the weapon, shooting Johnson. As of now, the police have not said which one of the players is responsible for the shooting.

LSU Player Defend Themselves By Shooting Thief

Unfortunately for the robber, he died at the scene. The two players were sure to call 911 right after the incident. They then waited for the police to arrive. After claiming the shooting was only for defense, they were able to go home. There was enough evidence to show that their intentions were not out of malice.

According to attorney Christopher Murell, there was enough evidence to show that the shooting was an act of defense. Murell is one of three lawyers representing the two LSU players.

However, a spokesperson for LSU was able to release a statement to ESPN about the incident. They say that they have been in contact with law enforcement constantly regarding the unfortunate situation. As of now, their main concern is for the safety of their student-athletes. The incident is one of traumatic nature, and counselors are the school have been assisting them. If anyone has any questions on the incident, they should direct them to the law enforcement.