Michael Rapaport Makes Fun Of Ariana Grande

Comedian and actor Michael Rapaport chose to belittle Ariana Grande today on Instagram. He posted an old picture of the 25-year-old singer with a post that many did not find funny at all. In the post, he says that Ariana Grande is 27 and acts as though she is 12. Rapaport goes on to say that if you were to take off her boots, cat eye makeup, and her genie ponytail, that people are working at Starbucks who look better than her.

Arianna has not only been through a mass killing but is currently dealing with the suicide of one of her ex-boyfriends. One fan said on Instagram that it was disgusting for Michael to common on young Ari. They go on to say that even though they usually think he is funny, they felt that is post was mean.

Michael Rapaport later posted that when he talks about Donald Trump or the guys with the tiki torches in Virginia, people dub him a social media hero. However, he says that if he makes a joke about Ariana Grande, then he’s “shaming” someone.

Michael Rapaport Making Headlines For Making Fun Of Ariana Grande

Recently, Rapaport was making headlines due to insensitive comment about the mental heal of Pete Davidson, Ariana’s ex-fiancé. He also was sending out tweets about Kanye West as well. In his tweets, he was saying that Pete Davidson & Kanye must really not have Homeboys for real. He was calling them whinny and social media babies. The comments, posts, and awkward impersonations all came on the same day that Pete posted about not wanting to be on this Earth anymore.

Michael Rapaport went on to apologize to Pete saying that he did not know serious issues were going on with the comedian. He says that he would never mock someone who is genuinely going through something.