Sniffing Dirty Socks Sends Man To Hospital

In China, a man is in the hospital for sniffing his dirty socks. According to news stations, the man in question has a habit of smelling his socks every day after work. However, his unusual habit has him now in the hospital. He had begun to complain about having pain and tightness in his chest as well as a cough.

At first, doctors thought that 37-year-old Peng had pneumonia. However, his symptoms remained, and the doctors began to ask Peng more question. Eventually Peng admitted to his addiction.

Doctors were able to discover that he had a severe fungal infection in his lungs. The pulmonary fungal infection came about after inhaling fungal spores in his dirty socks.

Sniffing Dirty Socks Sends Man From China To The Hospital With Serious Infection

According to Peng’s doctor, Mai Zhuanying, due to his lack of rest, the condition became worse over time. Zhuanying says that the man was working a lot as well as looking after his child. Doing so led to a weaker immune system.

Pulmonary fungal disease comes about from certain molds in the air. Reports from the Mayo Clinic on the infection say that tat the illness affect the respiratory system. However, the Mayo Clinic states that the signs for the disease can vary person to person.

The mold that makes to illness come about can be found any and everywhere whether indoors or outdoors. Though most strains of this mold cause no harm, there are a few that can lead to serious illness in those with weak immune systems. Those also susceptible to the disease are people with asthma or those with underlying lung diseases. Signs of having the infection include shortness of breath, wheezing or coughing up blood.

Fortunately for Peng, he looks to make a full recovery and will be going home soon.