Vladimir Putin Wants To Ban Rap In Russia

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin is doing his best to shut down rap music in the country. However, it isn’t working in his favor.

Currently, Russian authorities in the midst of cracking down on rappers who are critical of political issues. They say that artists are promoting violence, the use of drugs, and risky sexual behaviors. Young Russians are doing everything they can to rebel against the government. They feel as though their government is forcing their conservatives views on the whole nation. Human Rights Watch believe that rap is becoming an endangered forum of free expression in the country.

President Putin doesn’t believe that canceling concerts and arresting artists will help his cause. He says that he would instead take charge of the problem. Though Russian rappers are making music about sex, protests, and drugs, Putin says that the drugs are his biggest concern. He says that drugs lead to the degradation of the country.

Vladimir Putin Cracking Down On Rap Music In Russia

The issue on rap camp about after a famous rapper who goes by the moniker Husky, had his concerts ambushed by government officials. They’ve gone as far as to shut off the electricity at one of his venues in Krasnodar, Russia. Husky chose to leave the concert and perform the rest of his set on top of a car. People were quick to post his arrest after the scene on social media. Due to the support, the rapper was receiving, Russsian officials chose to release him quick before people began to riot.

President Vladimir Putin was a fan of Timati’s rap track, “My Best Friend is President Putin. However, many other rap songs are not as nice when it comes to life in Russia. One rapper by the name of Face came out with an album by the name ”Ways Are Unfathomable.” It was describing the country as being one big prison camp.