Kaepernick Willing to Sign with any NFL Team That Would Offer Him a Job

Should the Washington Redskins offer a job to Colin Kaepernick, two sources who know the former NFL quarterback, claim he is willing to play for the team.

These same sources said that Kaepernick is still willing to play for any team that would offer him a job. Both stressed that the Redskins are included despite the longstanding criticism over the logo and name of the team. That, and that the team’s owner is very critical about the issue of players kneeling to the national anthem.

When asked if Kaepernick would play for the Redskins as early as next week, one of the sources said that he’s a professional quarterback of Super Bowl-caliber. Kaepernick is also in the best shape of his life and would be able to play with any team that offers him a job.

The sources also mentioned that Kaepernick kept with conditioning and throwing regimens should a team call to offer a job. Some reports say the quarterback was a topic of discussion after Alex Smith and Colt McCoy sustained injuries. However, the Redskins have yet to reach out to Kaepernick. Instead, Washington turned to Mark Sanchez who joined the roster later this November.

The Legacy of Kaepernick

Currently, Kaepernick is in the last stages of a collusion case against the NFL. It alleges that the league conspired to make sure he was out of the league after he knelt during the national anthem back in 2016.

Various NFL players made a similar protest in 2017 hoping to draw attention to racial inequality and social justice issues. The actions created a political storm, making the furor such a central point for the league for almost a year. Due to this outrage, the league created a rule banning protests during the singing of the anthem. The NFL currently shelved the rule which appears for all intents and purposes to be dead.

When pressed about the hesitence in signing Kaepernick, Gruden said it might have little to do with politics. Rather, he said it most likely came down to the decision of teaching an entirely new offense with multiple zone-reads. This factor despite Kaepernick having run a Super Bowl offense under Jim Harbaugh containing zone reads along with other similarities to the current scheme run in Washington.

Gruden says there isn’t a lot of time to get a new quarterback and system installed within a few days. While Kaepernick has been a topic of discussion, it’s likely they’ll go in a different direction. The decision is football and nothing else. For a backup quarterback so late in the season, it’s important to choose someone with similar skill sets to the current quarterback. The more familiar they are with the play style of the team, the better.