Jon Gosselin Wins Custody Of Son Collin

Jon and Kate Plus Eight hasn’t been on in ages; however, they are making new headlines. Jon Gosselin says that he and os hex wife have been going through a custody battle for years. He says that he has been fighting for ten years for custody of his children. Jon says that he will fight for them however it long it takes.

The couple was on the hit TLC series that was about their life with their twins and sextuplets. Mady and Cara, the twins, are now 18. Leah, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, and Joel, the sextuplets are all 14 years-old.

However, the couple split from each other in 2009, and it was all over airways. In 2016, Jon’s twin daughter gave an interview with People magazine. They were saying that they did not have a relationship with their father, and Gosselin was hurt by that. Mady was saying in the interview that she did not like her father discussing them during his own meetings with media outlets. In the interview, she says that he doesn’t even know them enough to talk about them to others.

Jon Gosselin Gets Custody Of Son

Gosselin was able to win temporary sole custody of his son Collin recently. Collin was living away from home in a program for kids who have special needs. His daughter Hannas also lives in Gosselin’s Pennsylvania home. Also in the house are his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and her children.

According to Jon, his son Collin is excited to be living with them. Also, that he and his girlfriend are happy to have him home with them for the holidays.

Currently, Jon and Kate no longer have communication with each other that isn’t through their attorney. He feels that it is a shame that the two cannot co-parent with each other. Though he knows everyone in the world wants them to, Jon says that it just doesn’t work out for the two.