HIV Reaching Epic Proportions In Atlanta

People have known about the dangers of HIV and Aids for a long time now. It first became an epidemic in the 80s, when the number of people infected was coming into the CDC in troves. Now, however, it has become worse in some cities in America.

One city that is continuously blooming has become the center of attention when it comes to HIV and AIDS. The city in question in Atlanta, Georgia. Doctors say that the epidemic is so bad down there, that they are urging resident to take preventative medicine. They say that the disease is spreading like wildfire.

Fortunately, HIV and AIDs is not the death sentence like it was in the 1980s. Even so, the CDC says that the number of those in Atlanta with the diseases mirrors numbers of those in third world countries.

According to Dr. Carlos Del Rio, co-director of Emory University’s Center for AIDS Research, down Atlanta is bad as Zimbabwe or Harare or Durban.

HIV Numbers In Atlanta Continues To Rise

Grady Hospital began a routine testing program in 2013 for HIV and AIDS. The hospital diagnoses two to three patients every single day with HIV.

Doctors in the metro Atlanta are suggesting for residents to take a preventive medicine by the name of PrEP. PrEP stands for Pre-exposure prophylaxis. It’s for people who do not have HIV but are at high risk of getting it. They are to take to the pill every day. The pill, Truvada, contains two medicines that when come combined help to treat HIV.

According to one advocate, Atlanta is like New Your back in the ’80s. They are in need of a serious public health response on the epidemic. Doctors in the area are hoping to keep the disease from spreading even more throughout their communities.