Henna Tattoo Leaves Scar On English Girl

Freja Ellis, a three-year-old visiting Antalya, Turkey now has chemical burns and permanent scarring on her arm. It all began after receiving a henna tattoo while on vacation.

She got that tight too at a local shop in the area. However, after arriving back to the U.K., the little girl began to complain of itching from her tattoo that was in the shoe of a cat.

Soon, the design turned into painfully infected blisters. Freja’s skin began to scar.

According to Freja’s mother, Marlana, the scars will be on the little girl’s body for the rest of her life.

She says that they were on unaware any dangers from henna. She wants to make sure that other parents learn from her child’s incident.

Henna Tattoo Leaves Girl With Chemical Burns

Marlana says they were on the trip with her mom Julie Ellis. Her daughter was begging for a henna tattoo. She says that all of the little girls at their hotel had them.

Marlana says that her daughter was desperate for that tattoo. She says that she didn’t want to get the tattoo for her but her daughter was behaving so well the days before, she didn’t see the harm.

At a nearby barbershop, they were doing the henna tattoos. Freja was flicking through the design book and chose a picture of a cat sitting. Her mother claims that the shop was nice and clean. Also, that the man doing the tattoo was sure to wipe down Freja’s arm with an antiseptic before adding the henna.

Marlana says that in 10 minutes, the tattoo was finished and they had to wait another ten minutes for the tattoo to dry. She says that it wasn’t until they were back home did things go wrong for the girl.

She says that Freja was feeling a burning sensation on her arm.

Her mother says that after examining her daughter’s arm, she did not see anything wrong. However, Freja was running a small temperature, so she was going to check on her the next day to see if there was any change.

When Freja woke up the next morning, there were blisters on her arm.