Cheesecake Factory Deal Causes Chaos All Over

The Cheesecake Factory was shelling out a deal that left some customers in handcuffs. Wednesday was the company’s 40th anniversary. As a way to celebrate, The Cheese Cake Factory chose to run a deal with DoorDash. They were giving away 40,000 complimentary slices of cake. However, the deal was very popular, causing many restaurants to run out of slices. People were not too happy and ran to social media to dish about not having their favorite cake.

One Twitter user said that they were wanting to take part of the promotion, however, door dash was saying that it was unavailable. They go on to say that their stores should be more prepared for promotions and that it was unfair.

Other customers were saying that their local Cheesecake Factory locations had delivery people waiting to pick up their orders. Due to the large crowds. Another Twitter user said that their DoorDash delivery driver was complaining about how many people were at their Cheesecake Factory location.

The Cheesecake Factory Sends Out Deal That Was Too Good For Some Locations

The chaos became so much that one person was arrested after fighting inline at a location in Arlington County, Virginia.
According to news reports, one person chose not to listen to police commands to leave the establishment.

However, representatives from the Cheesecake Factory were happy with the successful promotion.

According to a statement from the company, because of the success of the 40,000 slices promotion, they chose to extend the promotion. Instead of giving away 40,000 they gave over 60,000 slices. They find the experience to be humbling. Also, that they could not believe how fast their customers were responding. They knew that people were going to want the deal. However, in the statement, they do apologize to any and every customer who was not able to receive the promotional deal.