Ebola Is On The Rise In Congo

The current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is spreading fast. Health officials have concerns of it spreading to larger population centers. If it were to spread to big cities like Butembo or Goma, officials are afraid that they may run out of vaccines. Dr. Peter Salama, who heads the WHO’s emergencies program, is one of the officials keeping their eye on the outbreak.

However, there has been more than 42,000 does of the vaccine given for this outbreak. One country helping to develop the vaccines is in the process of maintaining a stockpile of around 300,000 doses.

This outbreak of Ebola is now the second largest in known history. As of Sunday, there has been 440 cases and 255 deaths.
The vaccine they are using is for people who have come in close contact with the disease or those who have come in contact with those who have the disease.

Ebola Spreading Fast In African Countries, Especially The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Those who are a healthcare provider, ambulance drivers, or conducting safe burials of those dead by Ebola can receive the vaccine as well. Before vaccinations were limited, everyone was able to receive a vaccine. They are hoping that by limiting the use of the vaccine, they will not have to use so much because all basis will be covered. they hope to extinguish this outbreak by next year. The current outbreak began in April of this year.

Officials don’t believe that a stockpile of 300,000 will be enough. They believe that urban outbreaks will be on the rise. Also, that it will continue to rise for the next six months.

Response team staff had to evacuate to Goma due to an attack in Beni from rebels. They were caught in the crossfire of an attack. They are all now back in Beni.