Tumor In Mans Stomach Not A Gut After All

Hector Hernandez says that he always been bigger when it comes to weight. He would have never guessed it was due to a tumor. With that in mind, he did not notice anything wrong until his stomach was getting bigger but his arms and legs were getting smaller.

The 47-year-old man says that he also began struggling with heartburn and constipation. Also, he noticed that he was having a hard time catching his breath.

Weighing in at 300 pounds, he says that strangers began to stare at him and his friends were making fun of his beer belly. However, he says that he was not a drinker.

After mentioning the issue to his physician, the doctor told him that some people carry weight differently. Hernandez says he thought he was fat.

What Man Thought Was A Beer Belly Turns Out To Be Massive Tumor

However, his stomach began to feel heavier and hard to the touch. So, he went and got a second opinion. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic saw that he had retroperitoneal liposarcoma, a rare but cancerous tumor that forms in fat cells

Doctors were not able to pinpoint when the tumor began growing, but it weighed 77 pounds.

After learning that he was going to need surgery, Hernandez says that he was at first shocked and nervous. However, he was happy to know what was going on with his body.

William Tseng, the surgeon responsible for removing the tumor says that it was the largest tumor he has ever removed. The surgery was hours-long, and Tseng was able to remove the massive tumor successfully. Hernandez was fortunate that it did not affect his blood vessels and most of his organs. However, Tseng did have to remove a kidney that was damaged. The biggest risk that can come with the removal of a tumor is bleeding. Fortunately for Hernandez, he did fine.