Couple Finds Winning Lottery Ticket

A couple from Mandeville, LA, are considering themselves than thankful after finding a lottery ticket worth $1.8 million. They had purchased the Lousiana Lotto lottery ticket months ago.

According to reports from ABC News, the couple came across the ticket after doing some cleaning for the holidays. The ticket was in the nightstand. For some reason, they hadn’t checked the numbers. They were going to toss the old lottery ticket in the trash; however, instead, they chose to check their numbers.

Fortunately, their ticket had every single winning number for that lottery drawing. The drawing occurred on June 6, 2018. At first, they were both in shock. Harold Ehrenberg says that it was pretty exciting to see that they were winners. He thought at first that there was a mistake and that they were misreading the number on the ticket.

While Cleaning, Couple Finds Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $1.8 Million

Due to the shock, Tina Ehrenberg says that she kept calling the winning number hotline number. The numbers remained the same each time. Lottery tickets must be redeemed within 180 days, so the couple was sure to get to the lottery office as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the couple has to wait to go to the lottery office due to them finding the ticket on a Saturday.

According to Harold, the wait was agonizing. However, after making it to the office, they got the confirmation they were waiting for. He says that after congratulating them, things became very real for the couple.

The couple was able to walk away with $1,274,313 after taxes. Tina says that they would be doing anything too wild. They plan to put the money up for when they retire. They don’t play on going on any big trips or buying a new house or boat. Harold says that cashing in the check was the best part.