Zayn And His Beliefs: No Longer Identifies as Muslim

According to a recent interview with British Vogue, Zayn, a former One Direction member, says he no longer identifies as a Muslim.

Many people described Zayn as one who often went by Britain’s most famous Muslim. However, Zayn himself claimed that he does not identify as a Muslim. He has never publicly spoken about his religious beliefs.

Zayn says that a person’s beliefs in religion are between themselves and whatever they’re practicing or who they’re worshiping. As for the man in question, he says he believes in a god. He doesn’t, however, hold any belief in hell.

Zayn’s Relationship with Religion and His Own Beliefs

Zayn mentioned his worry that religious discussions have turned into a spiritual debacle of philosophers. The musician said he wants to keep his beliefs between himself and in whatever it is he believes. Zayn says that this way, he can move through life more comfortably. If he behaves well, then he gets treated well. He doesn’t believe in eating specific meat that others prayed over in a particular manner or in praying in a specific language five times every day. Zayn doesn’t believe in any of the rules his religion or others impose on their followers. The only thing he believes is that if you’re a good person in your life, then things are going to go well in your life.

Raised in a Muslim house, Zayn studied Islam and attended his family’s mosque growing up. His parents do allow him to make his own decisions regarding religion, so he thankfully had no difficulty in leaving the faith of his family.

Zayn does mention he believes there are beautiful parts in every religion.

This past August, Zayn celebrated Eid, the Muslim festival with both his family and Gigi Hadid, his girlfriend. Hadid, also hailing from a Middle Eastern family, has not stated her religious views publicly either. Her sister, Bella Hadid, however, mentioned back in 2017 that she is proud to be a Muslim.