Carmelo Anthony Leaves Rockets For Good

On Thursday, the Rockets were able to confirm that Carmelo Anthony will not be back for the remainder of the season. The 10-time All-Star forward was able to play ten regular-season games with the team.

According to Daryl Morey, the general manager for the Rocket, the decision to part ways with Anthony came after much internal discussion. He says that during his time with the team, Carmelo was a great player and an asset.

Those close to ESPEn say that the team will allow his representatives to search for another team before his official leave of absence. Due to his signing on with the Rockets as a free agent, he will not be up for trade until after the Dec, 15 trade restrictions. So the potential for a deal is at least a month out.

Currently, the best route for Carmelo Anthony to go would be to wait and watch as rosters change. Trades and injuries will allow for more options and opportunity.

Carmelo Anthony No Longer Playing For The Houston Rockets

Last Friday, 34-year-old Anthony left his team after the Rockets chose to minimize his role on the team. Gary Clark has taken most of what would have been playing time for Anthony.

Chris Paul, a player on his team says that Carmelo probably needs time to figure out his next move. Also, that he wants to be happy. Both coach D’Antoni and manager Morely believe that Anthony was able to do the team justice while playing for them.

D’Antoni says that in the summer, they were trying their best to work with him. He says that Carmelo did his best and that he was great for the team. For whatever reason, him remaining on the team didn’t work out.

This was the first season in his career that he did not start every game.