Flesh-Eating Bacteria Leaves Man Jobless

A man from Detroit notices that the flesh on his thigh was peeling off in the shower while on an anniversary trip to Texas. Josh Munoz, a home contractor, told reporters at Fox2 Detroit that he knew something was horribly wrong.

He called for his wife Sarah instantly. He then got a hold of his doctor, who advised him to get to a hospital right away. However, the couple chose to drive 20 hours back to Michigan to closer to their children. During the drive, Munoz was falling in and out of consciousness.

After arriving at the hospital, a doctor was able to diagnose him with having necrotizing fasciitis. Necrotizing fasciitis is a flesh-eating bacteria. He was on a surgery table within the hour. Fortunately, the couple made it to the hospital just in time to save his life.

According to officials, the bacterial infection, which is a rare one, can spread very quickly through the body. Doing so leads to death or possible limb loss. Treating the infection involves diagnosis, rapid antibiotic treatment, and immediate surgery. Doctors say that Munoz may have contracted the infection by coming in contact with fecal bacteria during while renovating a bathroom.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Thigh Leaves Michigan Man Jobless, Family Sets Up GoFundMe

According to reports from the Houston Chronical, Munoz has undergone three surgeries and one pigskin graft. He says that his flesh was cut from the top part of his thigh.

Munoz will be on bed rest for at least six months, and there will be more surgeries. Friends and family have GoFundMe page in his name to help cover medical expenses and living expenses for his him and his family.

Munoz says that with him on bed rest, he cannot take care of his family properly. They rely solely on his small contracting business.