Dez Bryant Out For Remainder Of Season

An MRI was able to confirm that Dez Bryant has torn his Achilles tendon. Due to the tear, he will have to miss out on the rest of 2018 NFL season.

On Friday, he needed help from off of the practice field after sustaining while finishing up their final play. Bryant will need at least eight months to heal. Doing so gives time to be ready for next summer’s training camp.

30-year-old Dez became a wide receiver for the Saints this year after agreeing to a one year contract. Unfortunately, due to the injury, their plays for the veteran player are now on halt.

Not too long after reports came out about the injury, his teammates were expressing their disappointment about not being able to play with Bryant. However, they all support him and his journey.

Dez Bryant Tears Achilles, Out For Remainder of NFL Season

Bryant is so far one of five team members on in injured reserve. He will sit out with fellow players Ted Ginn, Jr., Cameron Meredith, Tommylee Lewis, and Travin Dural. The Saints were hoping that Dez would be the missing piece to their puzzle when it comes to their offense. They believe that he can help bring them to theSuper Bowl.

Currently, New Orleans is 7-1 so far this season.

Byrant was very happy to become one of the Saints. The team features a plethora of other team members who rank No. 2 not only in the NFC but also in the NFC South.

At one point, Bryant was a first-round pick by the Dallas Cowboys. However, he hasn’t played a game since Dec. 31, 2017. During the offseason, the organization chose to release him.

Bryant was able to play three seasons straight with more than 1,200 receiving yards per year be between 2012 and 2014. Last season, he was able to play in 16 games for the first time since playing in 2014.