Disney+ Will Be A New Streaming Service

There’s something new coming to those who love Disney and there movies and shows. Disney+ is their new streaming service, and it will launch later in 2019. The news comes from the company’s CEO Bob Iger. He spoke on the new venture Thursday.

Back in August of 2017, the company made the announcement that they would be pulling all of their movies from Netflix in 2019. Also, they will have their own streaming services that will show past titles. Disney is also now the owners of Fox, purchasing the franchise for $71.3 billion in cash stock. Doing so was a big move on the company’s part.

Disney+ will feature new and original movies and shows as well as the classics. They will also include Marvel and Star Wars series. Marvel character Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, will have his on original series on Disney+. Also, There will be a prequel series to the Star Wars movie “Rogue One.”

It will be about the Character Cassian Ador who Diego Luna Plays in the film.

Other things to expect from the new streaming series is a reboot of The High School Musical Franchise. The service will feature many animations, including the upcoming season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Disney+ Coming To You Soon

There will also be a new original series based on Pixar’s “Monster Inc.”

Anna Kendrick Will star as Santa’s Daughter in an exclusive movie titled “Noel.” There is currently a placeholder website for Disney+ that shows logos for brands such as National Geographic, Marvel, and Pixar.

ESPN+, which is another one of Disney’s streaming services, currently was able to reach 1 million subscribers in a matter of five months.

On Thursday, the company was able to report their fourth-quarter earnings. Their share was able to go up as much as 2 percent after going above and beyond in earnings and revenue estimates.