Slug Swallowing Leads To Australian Teen’s Death

Sam Ballard, a teenager from Austrailia, was dared to swallow a slug. Unfortunately, the slug was carrying a deadly worm that put him in a coma, paralyzing his body until he died.

The incident occurred in 2010. While drinking with friends, a slug began crawling against his friend’s, Jimmy Galvin, patio. Galvins says in a video that they were drinking red wine acting like grown-ups. Sam asked if he should eat the slug. Next thing Jimmy remembers is him swallowing the creature whole.

According to reports, Sam became weak and was complaining of severe pain in his legs. Katie Ballard, Sam’s mother, says that she was first afraid that her son had multiple sclerosis, which his father has. But doctors told her that it wasn’t the case.

Sam finally came out and said that he had eaten the creature. His mother says that she told him that no one gets sick from that.

Slug Causes Teen To Die

Unfortunately, what Sam was saying to his mother was true. Sam had rat lungworm from eating the infected slug.

Rat Lungworm disease comes from a parasite that lodges itself into the lung of rats and later comes out in their poop.

Then a slug, snail, freshwater crab, or frog eats the rat poop, and the parasite infects its host. When the parasite is in a rat, it can complete its life cycle. However, if it enters a human, the larvae become lost and may enter the brain and stay forever. Humans cannot pass the parasite to other humans.

When the parasite gets into one’s brain, the person can develop eosinophilic meningitis. Eosinophilic meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes surrounding both the brain and the spinal cord.

Sadly, Sam passed away from the infection this past Friday from the inflammation. His funeral services will be on Thursday.