Firefighters Looking For Missing People

Firefighters continue their pursuit of finding survivors after two buildings collapsed on Monday morning in Marseille, France.

Currently, they were able to find the bodies of two woman and two men. Officials in the area believe their maybe five to eight more victims,

Cristophe Castaner, the French Interior Minister, says that they were able to five survival pockets in the rubble. Fortunately, this means that there may still be people alive in the area.
Though one of the buildings was condemned, officials say that there may have been people living inside.

However, people were living in the other building.
25-year-old Sophie Dorbeaux was one of the people living int he building. She says that she was staying with her parents the night before the collapse. She says that many of the doors int he building weren’t closing.


Firefighters Not Giving Up The Pursuit Of Finding Victims Of Collapsed Buildings

According to news outlets, nine of the ten units in one of the buildings did have people living in them. There was a shop on the lower level. On Oct. 18, there were concerns from inspectors, however, not enough to evacuate the building.

There are images for Google Street View from July that show one building with windows that are boarded up. The other building was in better shape.

The collapse of the buildings happened near Old Port, an area full of old buildings. In 2015, the government said that people were living in housing that was dangerous not only health wise, but security wise as well. Before assigning any blame, the Interior Minister says that they should have patience. He says that now is not the time to point fingers, but help clear the area and rescue any and everyone possible.

Firefighters were able to evacuate over 100 nearby buildings after the collapse. Collapse may have come about due to heavy rains in the area.