Pine Rest Opening Urgent Care Facility

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services will be opening up a psychiatric urgent care center in March. The location of the center will be in the Gaines Township area. The new facility will provide immediate service to those suffering from depression, psychosis, anxiety, and other issues dealing with behavior.

The urgent care center’s director is Megan Zambiasi. She says that the facility will reduce wait times for those with non-emergency mental health issues. Patients will be those who are not in immediate threat, however still in need of care.

The location will be within Pine Rest’s headquarters at 300 68th St. There will not be a need for any new construction. However, additional mental health professions will be needed as staff.

Pine Rest Opening New Urgent Care Facility In Grand Rapids Michigan March Of 2019

The new program will run for six months as a pilot program as a means to see if the service is in demand. They will prove treatment for adults 18 years and older. They hope to expand their services to children in the near future.

Zambiasis says that when it comes to West Michigan, there aren’t any places that dedicate themselves to psychiatric urgent care services. Though Network 180 provides urgent care services, they only so for those on public insurance programs such as Medicaid.

With there being a high demand for providers, patients seeking psychiatric help are going to emergency rooms. Doing so puts pressure on emergency rooms.

During 2016, 14,623 people went to Grand Rapids emergency rooms due to needing behavioral health care.
Mark Eastburg, the president of Pine Rest says that the addition will help aid those with behavioral health uses. He goes on to say in a statement that the company is well qualified to step in and fill the void that has been missing for years.