Terminally Ill Cancer Patient Fighting Company

The payment is $211 million less than he expected, but Dewayne Johnson said he’ll take it. Dewayne Johnson is fine with receiving $211 million less than he was supposed to receive for his settlement. The terminally ill cancer patient has been facing months of legal drama. However, he has agreed to accept a reduced amount of around $78 million from Monsanto, an agrochemical giant. A jury had awarded him a $289 million verdict, though. Even so, the company has said that they will appeal the offer.

Terminally Ill Cancer patient Accepts Lower Punitive Damages In Case

Johnson, who was once a school groundskeeper for many years, won a massive case against Monsonata, a company that produces different weed killers and other products. He claims that the company’s famous weed killer, Roundup, was the cause for his terminal cancer. As a means to punish Monsanto, a San Francisco jury awarded Johnson $250 million back in August in punitive damages. Also, another $39 million in damages.

However, Monsanto wasn’t going down without a fight. They asked Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos of San Francisco to overrule the punitive damages award. Unfortunately for Johnson, last month judge agreed and granted the company’s request. Then, she chose to lower the amount in punitive damages to $30 million.

Johnson has accepted the new amount for punitive damages so that he does not have to face a new trial or appeal. But if Monsanto chooses to appeal the judge’s reduction, Johnson will continue to fight for what’s rightfully his.

But if Monsanto appeals the judge’s reduced punitive damages award, Johnson will continue to fight, his lawyers wrote.

Cancer patients all over the US are suing Monsanto. However, they are also cautiously monitoring the former janitor’s case. The reason for them doing so is because there are over 4,000 similar cases that are awaiting their stake at claims.