Former Nurse Admits To Killing Patients

On Tuesday, a former nurse went on trial for the killing of another 100 patients while working at two German hospitals.
Niels Hoegel, 41, was in front of a judge in the northwestern city of Oldenburg when he says that the charges against him are accurate.

The charges for murder come from when Mr. Hoegel was working at a hospital in Oldenburg between the years 1999 and 2002. Also, when he was working in a hospital in Delmenhorst from 2003 to 2005. The ages of the patients range from 34 to 96.

In 2015, the former nurse was convicted for two murders and two murder attempts. It was during that trial that he spoke on intentionally bring about cardiac crises in around 90 patients. He says that he enjoyed the feeling of resuscitating the patients. He later admitted to killing patients while working at Oldenburg.

Investigators had to exhume hundreds of bodies of his former patients.

Former Nurse Admits To Killing Hundreds Of Patients In Germany

The trial for Oldenburg will be in a conference center due to a large number of co-plaintiffs as well as those looking to sit in on the case. Judge Sebastian Buehrmann began the proceeding be asking those in the courthouse to stand for a minute of silence as means of respect for the patients.

If Hoegel receives another conviction, it could possibly affect any chance of the former nurse receiving parole. However, in Germany, there are no consecutive sentences. For example, after 15 years, those serving life sentences in Germany are considered for parole.

According to Christian Marbach, a representative of the patient’s relatives, they have been fighting for fours years for the trial against Hoegel. They expect a conviction for another 100 killings.

They are expecting the trial to last until next May. Officials say that Hoegel could have been stopped sooner if health officials did their job correctly. Currently, authorities are in the pursuit of bringing about criminal cases against former staff members at both hospitals.