Demi Lovato Trying To Sell Mansion

During September, Demi Lovato chose to take $500,000 off of her asking price to her Hollywood Hills home. It is the same home in which she overdosed in July.

Even with the chunk taken off, people aren’t hopping up to by the luxurious four bedroom home. The home includes an infinity pool, bar, media room, and covered gazebo. Initially, the house was going for $9,495,000.

TMZ reports that the singer is renovating, and doing so could be putting off potential purchasers. She is turning her garages into a security base, wardrobe room, and glam room.

Demi, who is 26, chose to go to rehab in July after friends found her unconscious in her mansion. In August, while Demi was in rehab, her property was targeted by burglars.

During the beginning of 2017, thieves were able to make their ways into her after finding out that there was damage to the home due to a mudslide.

Demi Selling Hollywood Hills Mansion

They were able to use a ladder to climb into the second floor of her home. At the time, her house manager was staying there, and her dogs began to bark.

Though she has faced many issues with the home, she’s doing reasonably well when it comes to recovery. Demi is currently 90 days sober from drugs and alcohol.

Since first overdosing, she has been receiving treatment and her mother, Diana De La Garza couldn’t be more proud.

While on Maria Menounos’ Sirius XM show, Diana said that she was thankful and proud of her daughter. Also, that there are no shortcuts when it comes to trying to remain sober.

Also, that she does not know the reason for her daughter’s relapse.

Though the news about the overdose shook up her world, Dianna says that her daughter is now healthy and happy and working towards staying clean.