Jaguars Walk Out On Tab, Arrested In London

After running up a tab of $64,000 in London, four Jacksonville Jaguars were detained while three others were arrested. The bar they were attending features burlesque and circus performers. After settling the tab, all members of the team were released. According to Ian Rapoport, an NFL Media reporter, the incident was a misunderstanding.

The players in question were safeties Ronnie Harrison, Barry Church, and D.J Hayden, as well as Jarrod Willson. Church was not under arrest. There also were no charges.

Jacksonville Jaguars Under Arrest In London

Currently, the Jaguars are in London to play the Eagles. They arrived in the country on Friday morning. That same name, several team members and staffers were at Reign Showclub having a great time. They were drinking champagne that goes for £450 bottle, as well as vodka. Around 4 A.M. bouncers stopped the crew from leaving without paying.

Sources told Rapoport that when the players were at the club, they were sent the bottles of champagne and other high-end liquor that they were drinking. The players were under the impression that the drinks were free. However, they soon found out that they weren’t. When they saw the bill, they all refused to put any money towards, believing that they did not owe anything. After an argument, the police came.

According to local news outlets, people were really upset and began swearing and shouting before things became physical. The players were in police custody for nine hours. According to the police, they will not be taking any further actions against the players. They paid the bill, and all is well with both parties. If there are any disciplinary actions, they will be done so by Jaguar officials. Though Hayden is will be inactive for the game, the other players who were under arrest will continue to play.