Tanning Leads To Giant Whole In Woman’s Face

A mother from Chicago says that her tanning had her visiting a tanning salon every day. Now she has skin cancer that left a giant hole in her face.

34-year-old Carrie Doles has been tanning using tanning beds since she was 18. Whenever tanning in the sun, she would never use sunscreen lotion.

According to reports, she says she did not know what skin care was, and felt as though she didn’t need to take care of her skin since she was young. She goes on to say that she rarely used any type of moisturizer on her skin.

However, in 2010, there was a scab on her left temple that she couldn’t ignore. Two weeks before her wedding she found out she had skin cancer. After turning 26, her final diagnosis was basal skin cancer. She underwent six procedure to remove all cancerous cells.

Giant Hole In Woman’s Face After Learning Of Skin Cancer From Tanning

After removing cancer from her face, Doles was left with a large hole in her face. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, she was able to see a plastic surgeon for some time.

The night after her final skin removal surgery she had to clean and care for her open wound herself. Due to having surgery the next day, she couldn’t eating anything or take any pain pills. During her surgery, they were able to reattach her nerves. However, in order for them to close the hole completely, they had to give her a mini face and brow lift.

In 2014, Doles cancer came back. She now has severe headaches and lingering paralysis. Also, the area in which they had to remove the cells continues to be tinder to the tough and her eye waters. She says that if she were to give anyone advice on tanning, she would tell them to stop immediately.