Villa Italian Kitchen Offering Free Pizza

Were you the winner of the Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday? Well, unfortunately, neither was I. However, Villa Italian Kitchen is giving away a slice of cheese pizza for free if you give them your losing ticket. The catch? You must at least buy a beverage.

Mimi Wunderlich, Villa Italian Kitchen’s director of communications, says that they have been following the news about the lottery very closely. After hearing what the odds of winning the jackpot, she says they could help but feel bad for those who would not win.

With over 250 locations nationwide, the free slices in exchange for pizza is for today only. However, there are some rules. The ticket must have a drawing date for Oct. 23. Also, photocopies of the ticket were not be accepted.

Villa Italian Kitchen Offers Free Pizza To Those With Losing Mega Millions Ticket

By exchanging their ticket for the delicious pizza, people are forfeiting their right to ownership of the ticket. Make sure to check over your numbers one more time to be sure you did not win. Even if you only had the Mega Ball number, you still win $2. If you have one winning number and the Mega Ball number, you will receive $4. Either way, the Villa Italian Kitchen’s cheese pizza may still end up being the better deal.

Wunderlich goes on to state that a free slice of pizza comes nowhere close to winning a billion dollars. However, she hopes the opportunity will make someone’s day.

Comfort food, such as pizza, can be just what one’ needs as a way to feel better. It’s perfect for eating while reading about all of the misfortune that has gone on with past lottery winners. There is still hope, though. Don’t forget, tonight is the night that they will pick the winning numbers for the $620 million Powerball jackpot. So all is not lost.