Bills Captain Lorenzo Alexander Calls for Players-Only Meeting

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander gave an insider look on problems plaguing the Buffalo Bills on his weekly segment, the “Lo-Down.”

Alexander, along with his fellow captain Stephen Hauschka, led a meeting for the players to impress on them the importance of special teams after the debacle last week vs. the Houston Texans. During the incident, the Bills muffed a punt and nearly lost the ball on the opening kickoff. The worst part of it being that the Houston Texans blocked their punt.

Alexander says the last two weeks have shown the team suffering in the area of special teams. When they met up as a team this week, they wanted to reemphasize the special teams’ mentality such as setting up offense and defense. Alexander also says he hopes the meeting lets the young athletes know this isn’t something that needs to be done, and instead, that they want to do it.

Even if some players might not take their assignment of special teams’ as seriously as an offensive or defensive role, Alexander says it’s a mistake considering what their previous two games have shown.

The Goal of the Players-Only Meeting for the Bills

Sometimes people get caught up in that mentality, Alexander says. This is particularly true if someone has been the guy their entire career and now are backup and playing teams. It can sometimes feel unimportant, but the last two games have shown that they do indeed play a significant role in the game and can help decide between victory and defeat. Alexander hopes special teams can be why they win, not an obstacle for them to overcome to win.

An important takeaway from the meeting is everyone should have a voice, regardless of their seniority. The captains shouldn’t be the only ones making sure that everyone is doing their job.

Alexander believes people often wait for others to say something. He says they need to understand they’re professionals as well and can take care of things themselves. Especially since they play at a high level. He reiterates that calling out fellow players and holding them accountable is something they all have the power to do.

Often, players-only meetings can have a negative connotation. Alexander, however, believes the assembly should set a positive atmosphere for the special teams unit.

The Bills have a chance to turn around their special team unit during their match against the Colts in Indianapolis. It should be interesting to watch and see how this meeting affected the players, if at all.