Smithgfield Destroys Meat After Contamination

Smithfield Foods had to destroy over 50,000 pounds of their products due to contamination. Allegedly, one of their workers urinated on the food production line. The incident occurred last weekend and is just now making headlines nationwide. The situation is currently under investigation.

The incident occurred at the Smithfield Foods packing plant in Smithfield, Virginia. All production came to a stop after one of their employees was caught urinating on the production line. The incident was captured on camera and is not easy to watch. The company had to get rid of a portion of their meat product.

A local news outlet, WAVY obtained footage of the disgusting incident. The video footage shows a worker removing his gloves, and leaning his body up against a counter. At this times, he is urinating on or near the line. The worker in the video is mere feet away from other co-workers. He is also directly next to the production line. There is nothing but meat products on the line.

Smithfield Foods Disposes of 50,000 Pounds of Product

After he finishes relieving himself, he puts the same gloves back on and continues to work as if he has done nothing wrong or out of the ordinary.

In a statement on the incident, Smithfield says that they had to dispose of over 50,000 pounds of pork product after conducting an internal investigation.

They go on to say that the facility had to halt and production immediately. Afterword, they thoroughly cleaned the procession line as well as sanitized all of their equipment multiple times. Then, after all of the cleaning, they were able to resume operations. As of now, the employee is no longer working at the plant.

The plant then said that the facility and its employee’s fast actions were able to isolate the incident. The company has a strong commitment to ensuring the quality and safety of their products.