Pete Davidson Neck Tattoo

Pete Davidson no longer has his neck tattoo that was inspired by his “Dangerous Woman” finance, Arianna Grande. The two have been engaged for some time now, and have seemed to be in nothing but love with each other, so what could have caused for the cover-up?

The tattoo was a depiction of Ariana Grande’s famous bunny ears and mask combo that she wears during her concerts. Now the tattoo is a large heart, and there is a small “A” next to it. However, a source close to the lovers has gone on record saying that the cover-up isn’t a cause for concern. Even so, many are speculating that the tattoo has a double meaning. The source, however, confirms that their relationship is still going on strong. According to the “source,” the reason for the change is because the new cover-up on Pete matches a tattoo that Grande has on her body. It is unclear exactly where the giant heart tattoo is on the singer’s body.

Pete Davidson Cover-Ups Ariana Grande Tattoo

When it comes to getting dedication tattoos, Davidson and Grande are known to put their relationship down on ink. It was last month that Pete Davidson got a tattoo of the couple’s pet pig, Piggy Smalls. On his torso. Currently, Grande has six tattoos of her own that are dedicated to her lover. She may have more that nobody but him knows of.

They first got a matching set of cloud tattoos and their left middle fingers. Then, they got ink reading “REBORN” on each other. They also have tattoos that say “H2GKMO” that stands for “Honest to God, knock me out.

Fans of Ariana Grande were sure to notice the number 8418 on the top of her ankle. That is the badge number of Davidson’s firefighter, who lost his life on September 11.