Antonio Brown, Steelers, Facing Lawsuits

Antonio Brown, a wide receiver for the Steelers is facing two lawsuits from an incident that occurred in April. According to ESPN, threw items from inside of a South Florida apartment at a security guard as well as was yelling obscenities.

The lawsuits are both for damages and are for over $15,000.

According to court filings in Miami-Dade County, one suit is from a guardian of a 2-year-old boy. He alleges that items Brown threw from his apartment almost hit the child. The child was near the pool area of the complex with his grandfather when an ottoman and two large vases fell close to them. The report alleges that the child now experiences anxiety and has trouble sleeping.

The owner of the condo Brown was leasing at the time is suing the football star for damages. Also, for breaching the apartment agreement.

Antonio Brown of The Pittsburgh Steelers Faces Two Lawsuits

Brown was the one who called the police on April 24 at 10:08 a.m. He thought that the apartment’s security team had set him up and were blaming him for a theft that occurred the day before. TMZ was able to report that the items that were stolen were a gun and $80,000.

The incident report from the Sunny Isles police claims that Antonio was upset and began to throw items out of his apartment, causing damage tot he property. The officer on the scene was able to calm Brown down.

However, there was plenty of damage to the property. Also, there had been prior complaints about parties and disturbances.

Mike Tomlin, the Steelers coach, said in a news conference on Tuesday that he does not know about the incident. Also, that the organization will not comment any further on the matter.
The guardian of the child in question, Ophir Sternberg, says that Mr. Brown’s behavior almost killed his son. In his statement to press, he says Antonio Brown showed utter and complete disregard to the safety of those around him.