LaCroix Responds To Lawsuit Filed Against Their Sparkling Beverage

LaCroix, the well-known flavored sparkling water company, had a lawsuit filed against it in Philadelphia. The lawsuit accuses the company’s claim of their product to be completely natural, as false.

CBS Philly states that this class-action lawsuit says recent tests on LaCroix revealed that the bubbly drink contains a variety of artificial ingredients. One of those unnatural ingredients is a cockroach insecticide: linalool.

In a statement, LaCroix denied these allegations against its beverage. They mentioned that the US FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration) says the word ‘natural’ on food labels is not misleading or un-truthful when there is nothing in the product containing synthetic or artificial components. This includes any and all color additives no matter their source.

The company promised to look into any actual damages as well as other remedies from all involved in the publication of these false claims toward their product.

How The Lawsuit Began against LaCroix

Beaumont Costales, a firm specializing in cases on workers rights, filed this lawsuit for Lenora Rice. Rice bought the drink, believing the beverage was all natural.

In the lawsuit, it claims the packaging’s statement for the drink wrongfully lauds it as a natural and healthy drink.

According to the lawsuit, LaCroix has ingredients the FDA previously determined as synthetic. The chemicals such as limonene, linalool propionate, and linalool are stated to be in the drink. These chemicals can cause toxicity in the kidney or even tumors. Some are used to treat cancer while the latter ingredient is part of a cockroach insecticide.

The goal of the lawsuit is to prohibit the company marketing itself as natural. It also hopes to award damages to anyone buying the drink in hopes of having a completely natural drink.

in a statement, the Natural Beverage Corporation denied these allegations.

The NBC claims that the natural flavors in LaCroix come from natural essence oils from each fruit named in the flavor. There is no sugar or artificial ingredients in or added to these extracted flavors. It also claims that every essence in LaCroix is certified to be entirely natural by their suppliers.

The corporation also states that it stands behind the fact that LaCroix labels include all the ingredients. The labels say factually, according to NBC that it contains carbonated water along with natural flavors, the type depending on the flavor of the individual drink.