Donut Fries and Halloween Treats At Dunkin’

Dunkin’ is giving away free Donut Fries this weekend as well as serving up spooky goodness. Through October 7, between the hours of 2 and 6 p.m., you can receive a free order of Donut fries with the purchase of an iced coffee. They are also serving up there Halloween specials, just in time before we all begin our spooky festivities.

This week, the delectable food chain announced their new Halloween specials, and we’re sure they’re just as sweet and delicious as they sound and look.

First up is cookie collab that’s ‘to die’ for. There have been many Oreo drinks on Dunkin’s menu in the past, and for the fall, they’re bringing back one of their classics. However, they are currently serving an Oreo donut. The donut comes filled with a decadent vanilla buttercream. The top of the donut is covered in chocolate icing. Oh, and let’s not forget the oreo crumbles and a drizzle of dark orange icing!

Donut Fries and More At Dunkin’

If you have a taste for one of last year’s donuts, confections, you are in for a treat. This fall, they will be bringing back the Spider Donut. As one of their fan favorite, this donut comes with a chocolate Munchkin on top. It has an orange frosting and chocolate drizzle for the eyes and legs.

Other donuts at Dunkin’ will have orange and purple icing and drizzle as well as sprinkles. Though the Spider Donut is only available until Halloween, their Oreo Donut and Oreo Hot Chocolate will continue to be available well into November.

Oreos and donuts just go together. For Valentine’s Day this year, Krispy Kreme had a festive Oreo Donut. Plus, cookies and creme go well with almost anything. So if you have time, be sure to stop in and try their new holiday donuts. Also, be sure to check out the free promo for Donut Fries, but for this weekend only!