Paris To Out Law Cat-Calling

Last summer, on the streets Paris, a 25-year-old man was caught on camera punching a woman in the face. Now he will spend six months in prison because of the assault.

The main is question will receive an extra six months in jail as well as pay $2,300 in damages. The woman who attacked was 22-year-old, Marie LaGuerre . So far, the French media is identifying the man as Firas M. The court has also ordered him to partake in gender-related violence classes.

French Woman Who Was Punched In The Face Sees Victory In Court Case

Last July, LaGuerre chose to post the video of her being hit in the face on her Facebook page. They were outside a cafe.

Fortunately, the video was able to go viral, and local authorities were to investigate the situation. In the video, she says that she was coming back home from Paris when she walked past a man who was sexually and verbally harassing her. She says she didn’t appreciate the humiliation, so she told the man to “shut up.”

Paris Outlaws Cat-Calling

The man then threw an ashtray at her before rushing up to her and punching her in the face. After the attack, LaGuerre launched a new website that in French means ” We are all harassed.” or “Nous Toutes Harcelement.”

The site encourages woman from all over to share their stories online about street harassment,

There wasn’t enough evidence to convict Firas M. for sexual harassment. However, he did receive an aggravated violence charge and will spend significant time in prison.

French lawmakers were able to approve a new bill that outlaws cat-calling a few days before the incident. As an attempt to stop street harassers, they can receive as much as a $100 fine on the spot. Unfortunately, officials could not use the law for this particular incident.