Celebrity Targets For Home Burglaries

On Tuesday, LeBron James was making his debut at the Staples Center as a member of the Los Angles Lakers. However, he was on a list of names of those in Los Angles who were celebrity targets for break-ins. Luckily, they were able to arrest three men who were a part of the thievery.

Three teenage men were under arrest Tuesday morning as suspects of home burglaries. They have done so to dozens of celebrity homes in Los Angeles. Those on the list were Los Angles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, also Yasiel Pug, an outfielder for the LA Dodgers. They had more high-profile targets on their lists such as James and actors Viola Davis and Matt Damon.

Celebrity Targets Were Found In The Home Of Suspects Who Were Breaking Into Homes

Police were able to receive an alert last week after an alleged break-in at the home of Robert Woods. At the time, the Rams were paying the Minnesota Vikings. Security footage was able to show three men ransacking Woods’ home. Authorities then searched a van belonging to suspect Tyress Williams, 19. His SUV  had items that were from Woods and Puig’s homes. There were also items from celebrities such as Rihanna and Christina Milian.

Others arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the homes were Damaji Hall, 18, and Jshawne Daniels, 19. Hall’s 34-year old mother Ashle was also under arrest for suspicion of grand theft. After a search of all of their homes, police were able to find a list of potential celebrity targets and their addresses.

Woods and Puig’s homes were both targeted during their games. According to reports, the value of the stolen times for Puig’s home was more than $170,000. New outlets claim that at one of the suspect’s homes, police were able to find $50,000 in cash as well as a pile of purses jewels, and Rolexes.