Snooki Looking To Have Another Baby

30-year-old Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is in the process of trying to conceive baby number 3. However, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star hasn’t been able to make it happen. Her husband Jionni LaValle has been trying his hardest to give their children Giovanna, 4, and Lorenzo, 6, another sibling. The star told Us Weekly that they have been trying to conceive for two months. She says that they are going to relax and let happen when it happens.

Snooki isn’t going to give up the fight. She says that her stress level may be the reason why it’s been difficult for her to conceive. So she’s chosen to be more laid back and let life happen. On her Instagram account, she was able to post pictures of her daughter and her friend Meilani. Meilani his the daughter of her BFF/co-star JWoww. On hater was on her page and asked her why she never combs her kid’s hair. Snooki was sure to respond asking, ” So are we mom shaming?” She goes on to say that she was going to block them.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Is In The Process Of Trying To Conceive Another Child With Husband Jionni

Though Snooki and her husband Jionni are having troubles in the baby making department, their marriage is still holding strong. Their marriage was in 2014 and they that they don’t have to try hard to make things work. They love each other, and their kids help make their lives easy. She says that they have days when they don’t feel like dealing with each other, but they couldn’t seem themselves being without one another. On his Instagram page, Jionni says that he is choosing not to be on TV because he does not like to be.

If Snooki were to have another baby, she would do her pregnancy differently this time around. She says that when she was pregnant with Lorenzo, she ate everything and it took her a year after having him to lose the weight. Her co-star and friend Denna Cortese is pregnant, and she has advice for her. Snooki says she told her friend not to indulge in everything during her pregnancy. Also, to continue to workout during her pregnancy.