New Rewards Program At Chipotle

Chipotle hasn’t had the best news coverage in a while due to food poisoning and shutdowns. However, with their new rewards program, they are trying to get their old customers back! In three different cities, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Columbus, Ohio, they have launched their new program as a test run. In 2019, the reward program will be available nationwide. For ever dollar spent, Chipotle Rewards member will earn 10 points. To receive a free entree one will have to earn 1,250 points.

Rather than using the old-school paper punch card, customers can sign up for the new rewards program on the web or the brand’s app. For a limited time, those on the program will earn 15 points per dollar for all online orders, or orders through the app.

10 points on each dollar spean equivilates to $125 to amass enough to receive a free entree. For a point comparison, with Starbuck’s reward program, you receive two points for every dollar you spend. 125 points will get you one free food or drink item. This means that it costs around $62.50 to earn a free item on their menu.

New Rewards Program At Chiptole Aims To Bring Back Their Customers

Chick-fil-A has a reward program that gives their customers 10 points for every dollar they spend. Most entrees will clock someone in at around 500 points. It costs their reward members $50 to earn a free sandwich.

The new rewards program may appeal to those who love their burrito bowls. However, those who have not been going to the franchise since the recent poisons may still not come back.

This isn’t a first when it comes to the chain having to lure in their old customers. However, the illness outbreaks seem to be never-ending. The new rewards program in the pilot cities will allow customers to receive a free order of chips and guac once they make their first purchase. Chipotle is obviously doing whatever they can to remain in business.